– Get Paid to Test Games! is a platform that brings game developers and its players together to make better games.

Game developers always need gamers to test their games to help them fix any bugs or gameplay errors before the game’s release. Why not YOU be that gamer!


After playing a game, here’s a sample of the type of questions developers would need your help answering.

  1. Do you think this game is really worth $60?
    Q. Would you recommend this game to your friends?
    Q. Do you think the developer can do a better job improving certain aspects of the game?

Game Tester currently awards testers with Gold - the currency on at the moment. You can use Gold to purchase a variety of gaming gear, hardware, game titles and other peripherals from the Game Tester shop.

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GT Coin – The Cryptocurrecy for Gamers!

Gold will convert to GTCoin in the coming Months with the platform upgrade.

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Once you acquire GT Coin it’s up to you how you decide to use it. You could either choose to encash/trade it on an exchange or use it to buy gamer products from the Game Tester Shop.


  • 100 Gold = 1 GTCoin

  • 1GTCoin = $1.10

  • Gold is the currency on GameTester at the moment.

  • GameTester is building a new release of the platform at which time Gold will convert to GTCoin.